Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New HONDA CBR bermesin 150cc dan 250cc 2011

Honda ready mengerogoti sport motorcycle market in Indonesia, which has been dominated by Yamaha. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is rumored to be bringing not just one, but two models of CBR in the arena Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMS), 2010, November.

AHM plan to market CBR 150cc and 250cc engines actually been leaked early this year. However, certainty is still floating because there has been no official statement from AHM.

Based on information gathered, CBR250R will challenge the dominance of Kawasaki Ninja250 who had been strolling in the Indonesian market without competitors. Honda CBR presence will make the competition more fierce sport bike segment. The reason is, there are no signs of Yamahha going to touch this segment until next year.

The emergence of increasingly strong with plans CBR250R Honda CBR250 test this in Thailand, later this month. Meanwhile, CBR150 positioned to grind the sports 150cc market, now only enjoyed by Yamaha. This model will assist the New Mega Pro is ready for combat with the V-Ixion and Byson.

With a planned launch of these two products next year, Honda showed aggressiveness on the national motorcycle market. So far, only Honda branded as king duck

The figure CBR250R
Honda CBR250R already dibocor figure in one of the Japanese motorcycle magazine. The design is completely new, a combination of several Honda models to be the first in the market namely, VFR1200T Honda, Honda CBR150R Honda VTR250 and older. When asked for confirmation about this product, AHM has not been willing to talk!
Author: AGK Editor: Zulkifli BJ source:kompas

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